Photographer Ralph Llerenas told why he preferred smartphone and stopped using it on my Sony A7 III.

“Many think I’m a photographer enthusiast. I spend a lot of time on sites dedicated to photography and cameras. And I love to shoot with Sony A7 III. But recently things have changed. During his last trip to Sweden I realized that the iPhone camera X is fine with me and use it much easier.

Yes, the full camera is much better than any smartphone, obviously. 24 megapixel sensor vs 12 MP. But as they say: “the Best camera is the one you have at hand”. And this phrase describes very well my situation. I chose the iPhone X because it is always at hand.

I also noted other benefits. For example shooting in the rain and near water. First, bulky camera restricts the movement, and secondly, she’s still afraid of water, unlike the iPhone X. And despite the large 5.8-inch display, the smartphone is easy to hide in pocket, it does not interfere when not needed. With the camera to do it harder.

This trip was the first experience of semi-professional photography on iPhone. For the first time all is not limited to a pair of stupid selfies. I really liked the optical zoom in a smartphone. Press the button to change the lens much easier than changing it on the camera. I would also like to note that the people around are more loyal to the photographers with the phone. People with professional cameras are a little afraid of them.

iPhone X shoots great and I have prepared a series of pictures taken with the built-in Camera and processed in Lightroom CC directly on the smartphone”.


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