German photographer and filmmaker told why the images created by smartphones are not part of the art of photography.

In an interview with BBC UIM Wenders gave three reasons for proving his point. Understand that the above is true, and whether or not mobile photography means so little, or the photographer just underestimate the capabilities of your smartphone.

According to Wenders, the first and main reason due to which mobile pictures should not be attributed to the art of photography, is that almost no one sees.

“The trouble with photos on the iPhone is that, by and large, no one sees them. Even the users themselves, who shoot them, then do not look at them. And certainly don’t print them,” said Wenders.

The second reason is that a variety of filters, apps and editing features ready mobile pictures kill the creativity of photographers.

“The less you have, the more creative you become. Perhaps this is not a sign of creativity, if you can turn each photo into its opposite option,” — said the photographer.

Thirdly, Wenders believes that by manipulating the mobile images, people have lost the vision of what is a key achievement pictures.

“Photography was invented, to make it more truthful reflection of our world than paintings, however it is more nothing to do with the truth.”

From the point of view of Wanders can agree, but only partly.

First, his statement that people don’t see that take off on smartphones, very far from the truth. If that were true, Instagram would have died before they were born. However, in reality, this social network has become one of the largest in the world, and has become a powerful tool of influence on the consciousness of the masses.

Because to edit a photo and make it “perfect picture” has become a lot easier, I do not agree is that those who have never tried to upgrade the Internet. When we choose the, which will see all of our Instagram followers and friends in Vkontakte and Facebook, we’re not just looking to make everything is harmonious. Often we use many filters, tools for editing and retouching, if only to show themselves in the best light. Technology has already reached that person in the photo you can open the closed eyes, draw a smile and to increase the relief of the abdominal muscles by pressing two buttons.


As the first, the third hypothesis of the photographer does not tolerate any criticism. To create different effects and compositions even professional photographers use props. Even the shot on a professional camera, lends itself to subsequent processing and correction. And there’s nothing you can do about it. People want to enjoy what look. Therefore, in the frame everything should be perfect even if in reality it is not so.

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