All because of iOS 13.

iPhone 5s was released five years ago, but remains popular among users, especially in Russia. Releasing iOS 12, Apple presented the iPhone 5s a great surprise. iPhone 5s is not only received support iOS 12, but has been greatly accelerated thanks to her, again becoming to be felt quite fast smartphone. But despite this, the users of iPhone 5s it’s time to start thinking about upgrading your smartphone. And this is for good reason.

iPhone 5s is unlikely to get support for iOS 13

iOS 12 is a special update for several reasons. One of them — the firmware has continued to support all current mobile Apple devices. None of the iPhone and iPad were not abandoned by Apple after the launch of iOS 12.

Although the traditional pattern for Apple, which typically supports devices five years, the iPhone 5s was not supposed to be able to upgrade to iOS 12. However, due to a very bad iOS 11, reduced performance on all devices, Apple has changed its usual schedule. Thus, the company has shown that it cares about users and does not intend to leave the owners of very popular models of the iPhone 5s on unstable firmware.

But will the iPhone 5s support iOS 13? The chances are very small. As you know, in iOS 13 Apple developers have planned large-scale changes, including in terms of design. 13 iOS the updated mobile operating system by Apple since the release of the revolutionary iOS 7.

Can a six year old at the time of the next autumn iPhone 5s full support powerful 13 iOS updated with new design and tons of new features? Experts believe that there is. With high probability, next year the iPhone 5s will not receive new updates and will be charged.

What should I do?

IOS 13 transformed the design and there will be many new features. The iPhone 5s will, of course, unfortunate that all these innovations will be held by them. Therefore, it is time to think about upgrading your smartphone. Of course, if new features and updated design are important for you. If your iPhone 5s you are completely satisfied, in particular, running fast iOS 12, and think about switching to another smartphone does not make sense.

Given the current state of smartphone market in Russia, there are two optimal options. Right now you can buy iPhone SE, which is the big brother iPhone 5s. Smartphone much cheaper and was readily available. You can also pay attention to the iPhone 7, the price of which in Russia has sharply decreased.

But you can wait until next year when iOS will be released directly 13. First, then just be clear whether 13 iOS to support the iPhone 5s or not. And secondly, the prices of the Apple smartphones will definitely become lower.


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