In 2017 came out iPhone X’s first mass – produced smartphone with a price of 999 dollars. Many experts believe that Apple has set a certain price level not only for themselves but for the entire mobile industry as a whole. Very soon, the American Corporation will again present another expensive product for iPhone X Plus. It is expected that its price will exceed $ 1,200. But are consumers ready to pay such money for just a smartphone?

In late July, Apple told us about your financial performance. During this event, CEO Tim cook said, how successful was the anniversary of the iPhone X. According to him, since, as the smartphone went on sale, it remains the best-selling model among all the iPhone. Despite what critics predicted the failure of the “top ten”, the company still managed to prove that users are willing to pay for the phone of such a large amount.

The upward trend in prices is observed in many manufacturers of Android devices. For example, over the past two years, Samsung has increased the price tag of its flagship smartphone at 15%, Huawei by 33%, and OnePlus, once positioning itself as a company with affordable products without compromise, increased the price by as much as 42%.

There are several reasons why the price of smartphones grow. Research and development of new technologies from year to year becomes only more expensive. At the same time increasing the price of individual components — increased complexity in production. In addition, a certain role is also played by inflation. All this cannot but affect the final cost of the product.

And what is the price of a smartphone for you is the best? Let me know in the comments.


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