March 25, Apple has scheduled big presentation, which will be presented to the next “Apple” news. However, we are not talking about gadgets and electronic devices cupertinos will show two new service, which the company intends to diversify its revenues. However, experts believe that the far-reaching Apple’s plans may be doomed to failure.

According to rumors, during a presentation March 25, Apple will introduce two new services — streaming and news. According to analysts, the appearance of gadgets is not worth waiting — all the news that the company wanted to show was modestly announced in the past week. Such a move probably confirms the intention of Apple to abandon the focus on electronic devices, whose sales plummeted, and find a new stable source of income.

Nevertheless, the company decided not to skimp on the presentation of paid services — today at 20:00 Moscow time, the press and industry experts were invited to the solemn event that will be held in the Theatre of Steve jobs. It is expected that it will also visit the Hollywood stars on a global scale.

“Газета.Ru” hold text online broadcast of the event, and yet analyze all available information about the upcoming presentation.

Movies and TV shows

For many years Apple was preparing an announcement of its own streaming service, which will bring the company in the entertainment market. It is known that Steve jobs was planning to revolutionize the field of consumption of TV content, but a fatal disease is not given its plans to come true.

However, in the way the company had other obstacles, including prolonged negotiations with the studios and stars.

At the moment it is known that TV channels as HBO and CBS have agreed to cooperate, while Netflix refused.

This is understandable — if a streaming service from Apple will be successful, Netflix will be a direct competitor to “Apple”.

Apple intends to provide access to TV series and film their own production. The Wall Street Journal says that the subscription cost of this service will be about $10, which is one of the lowest prices on the market. This is not surprising given that Apple is a newcomer in this field, but whether the company will maintain such value over the next years — the big question.

However, there are questions and on what will it have the streaming service so long — too much competition. For many years the most popular Apple product, the iPhone, showed high sales, despite the presence of other models on the market, but even it was waiting for a failure — the number of sold iPhones in the Christmas period fell by 15% compared to the same quarter last year.

In the case of streaming Apple is trying to break into already developed market, where competitors have a billion plus audience, and this fact does not inspire optimism.

In addition, if we assume that Apple is betting on a streaming service to compensate for the flagging sales of their gadgets, experts believe that such a strategy is unlikely to work in the long term. Last month Jefferies Group analyst Tim O’shea felt that, even if Apple signs up 250 million people (for comparison — the audience of Netflix is around 139 million), the profit stream will account for only 5% of the total annual income of the company that is not able to compensate losses from the sales of smartphones.

We also know that while Apple is not going to present something original to the show, which will be a landmark and exclusive video service company reported that the first movies and TV shows “still in development” and therefore will “for 2019”.

Thus, “Apple” will have to sell the service to those TV shows that viewers will be able to see the competitors, depriving them of any advantages.

“Apple is now at least 30 projects in development, five of which presumably ready to launch. Among the announced partners with Apple includes Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, M. night Shyamalan and Steven Spielberg… But to get us all to sign up, Apple will have to give us something we don’t find elsewhere” — writes columnist for CNET Ball Tibken.

News and articles

Another service which will be presented at the presentation on March 25, is expected to become a news app, which combines our popular printed publication, creating an aggregator operating on a monthly subscription.

According to rumors, the cost of this subscription will also be $10, part of which will go to those Newspapers and portals, which will agree to cooperate with Apple. However, even at this stage the company are beset by difficulties — despite the fact that, for example, The Wall Street Journal agreed to the partnership, such major publications as The New York Times and The Washington Post refused to participate in the project kupertinovtsy.

This failure is highly undesirable to guide Apple as it would deprive subscribers of the opportunity to read these Newspapers in a single aggregator, as it was originally intended.

It is possible that other publishers will refuse the offer “the Apple”, because Apple will take not only a part of subscribers and the money they pay for a paid subscription. It is unlikely that the reader will want to pay twice for using the website edition and app.

Media entrepreneur Steven Brill believes that Apple should allow publishers to add their own paid subscription that can solve this problem.

“If I would have had a newspaper, I would like to know what part of their income I will lose,” said Brill in an interview.

In addition, earlier media reported that Apple intends to Refine the design of publications-partners, so that the content looked a winner in the digital format. This step also raises questions because on the one hand this will improve user experience and help the perception of digital content, but on the other it is not please guide publications that will not transfer rights to own the redesign of the third-party company or to make an extra effort to help Apple.

It is not excluded that Apple is an American company, after the launch of the news service, can be assigned the status of “another spreader of fake news”, who likes to give the US President Donald trump. If Apple CEO Tim cook wants to keep his neutral attitude with the President, he need to prepare in advance answers to questions that may appear in the American leader.

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