First, Google will prepare a formal review, and then Huawei will formulate an official comment in response to an official review Google. If you suddenly think that by the end of this first fuss someone will remember, how long does this “Boxing by correspondence”, in vain hope. But we know something and tell you how it all began and what moves.

First, the network equipment for operators

Now crawl everywhere and the experts will tell you, they say “Oh, this unpredictable trump all the troubles because of it!” but in fact, Huawei is “throat” of American business and government for a long time.

The first bustling merchants — even 16 years ago, in 2003, during the presidency of George Bush, the American telecommunications company Cisco accused Huawei of stealing technology and violating patents. The results of this trial Huawei recognized (!) guilt and promised to make changes to their products (for operators of Internet backbone operators that pull you “the Internet” through border routers and cell tower operators). After that, the scandal was quickly forgotten — reket each other’s patents in the United States at that time was a national sport and the basic food for the army of local lawyers and another conflict from thousands of others didn’t stand out.

Then in 2004, a Huawei employee was caught suddenly at the electronics exhibition with a fake badge visitor at the moment when he reviewed the new exhibition model competitor, the Creator of “things for service providers” and enthusiastically took pictures of chip innovations. Huawei in response, shrugged their shoulders, said “the company is big, you never know what abled wormed — dismiss the cynic. But this situation is not privy”.

A ban on the sale of the equipment of the army, a ban on cooperation with American companies

It took another four years, and in 2008 the us military tell Bush that Huawei and ZTE is secretly cooperating with the Chinese government and the Ministry of defence, while forwarding the leaders of China everything is impossible to “sniff” out of the switches and other goodness, which “run the Internet” are ordinary citizens. First and foremost, the products of Huawei and ZTE are banned to use in any, even secret government and military institutions, and after that banned these companies to absorb any American company. It is unlikely this was an act of American nationalism or fear of China, because Lenovo, as you remember, no problem twice bought the assets of large American corporations — first unit for the production of computers and laptops from IBM, and Motorola (what was left of it) from Google. All politicians and the military watched over the process and totally didn’t mind.

The initial ban on selling phones in the U.S.
Since 2008, much water has flowed, Huawei from the Creator of the highly specialized stuff for the operators has become a manufacturer of high-quality and reasonable in price phones. And not only create them myself, but was ready to release models on order. At the time such orders were in need of Google — goglove was adequate and not molded dubious competitors to the IPhone, as is now happening with the Google Pixel, and released the Nexus cheap flagship. As a rule contractors relating to the release of such phones were LG and HTC, but by 2015, “khtc” the agreement did not work and Google first offered money and fame to the Chinese.

Huawei happily agreed, took from Google the user “I want something like in this screen, including speakers, that camera and that worked so much” and set a good Huawei/Google Nexus 6P.

And Huawei did it not so much for money as for glory — in China and Russia, the smartphone Huawei Honor was already well known, but the Americans were always “own atmosphere”. More precisely, nepahannoe field, which sported not only popular around the world Apple iPhone & Samsung, but also “aspiring” Motorola or are not wanted in Europe/China/Russia LG. Huawei understood that the solvent from the cake and “absence” these your Xiaomi/Meizu buyers can bite off a good jackpot, if you manage to make grabeasca smartphones at least begun to sell in stores.

Americans have “started to sell” = “to negotiate with the mobile operators to the mobile included with the discount included with the contract for cellular communications”. Because in the US phones are not buying in stores, and operators, thus the operators sell the phones cheap, and you get a cheap smartphone + expensive cellular. If you buy in a regular store, get an expensive smartphone + expensive cellular. The choice is obvious.

So — with the release of “brand Gorlovskogo” Nexus 6P the Chinese were hoping that Google will make efforts and will be able to push the new product into the hands of the operators. And there goes the sale, the people know that Huawei is doing good things, happy operators knocking on Huawei contracts for new smartphones, and as Alex~

But he didn’t — Google did not keep a promise, smartphones Nexus 6P operators have not appeared, so when goglova resorted to Huawei asking “and let’s try again, but now with smartphones Pixel!”, the Chinese sent him in a certain direction. And decided that Google seems like a jerk and blame myself in the fact that almost all manufacturers refuse to sculpt for him a smartphone to order.

Only that Google was not guilty, and Huawei have felt it on their own, when three years later, tried to start selling smartphones on their own, personal arrangements with operators.

In 2018 Huawei has entered into a three of the largest and most popular smartphone manufacturers in the world, and the American operators knew that with a new high quality, but more accommodating in the profit distribution than Apple and Samsung, the partner can move mountains. And a smartphone was any — Huawei Mate 10 Pro. He, for a moment, taking pictures is better than the coolest at that time Samsung Galaxy Note8 and the Apple iPhone 8 Plus.

With the operators agreed, prepared a joint conference with the words “finally we begin to sell smartphones in the US! But our friends from the mobile operators will tell you how and at what price will begin selling!”. But… the us carriers [at the last moment “merged” and said “sorry guys, we’re th-they changed their minds now want to sell your smartphones”.

If you think that “someone does not understand — will understand” uses only Ramzan Kadyrov, you are mistaken — the USA is also called, from where, after which cellular operators don’t want to earn profits and to comply with the agreements that they themselves signed on the eve of.

Hunting for Huawei employees in friendly countries

And here Huawei to strain and draw conclusions, but the Chinese decided “to hell with them, with the Americans will sell them that you can sell and earn on smartphones sometime in the rest of the world!”.

But the Americans were not going to stop, and it did not help that haveevery not to go to the USA — less than a year later, they caught the moment when the financial Director of Huawei Meng Wanzhou, was in friendly Canada, asked his friends “to bring us this one, I want to talk”. The Canadians then arrested her and sent her in for questioning to the States, where she presented “we’ve imposed sanctions on Iran, and you sell your cell tower and electronics — get ready for punishment!”.

In the end, the conflict between Huawei and the U.S. government escalated into a conflict between the Chinese government and the U.S. government and is still ongoing. And trump, on this occasion, said that the U.S. was willing to drop charges against man Wanzhou, if the Chinese do make concessions in trade negotiations with China. If you don’t know what he’s getting, we remind you that China and the United States are now mutually introduce tariffs on goods and generally trying to spoil each other. And we still don’t know whether Huawei so guilty as he is charged with, or were simply “collateral damage”, which came to hand in good time.

The ban on the use of Android to cover the profit from sales of phones and tablets

And now Huawei, as we already know, banned the use of Android in smartphones and tablets, “to be sure”. Where it leads, what will result next and how Huawei is going to get out, we will discuss in the second part of our article.

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