Will be impressive!

In iOS 13 will be the long-awaited dark theme, reported by intelligence sources to Bloomberg. The vast majority of leaks (if not all) of this edition are true, so night mode in iOS 13 really should wait. How will he look like? It really is no secret. Showed the most probable appearance of a dark theme in iOS 13 in this material.

Dark theme in iOS 13

Apple has repeatedly made direct allusion to the appearance of dark themes in different versions of iOS. She was repainted some elements of the interfaces in a dark color, continuously improve the mode of the smart inversion, left hints in the firmware files, but the most distinguished in iOS 12 — added a full night mode in the updated application “Books”.

Experts do not doubt that a dark theme in iOS 13 will be exactly the same as in the application “Books” in the iOS 12. We can say that in iOS 12 Apple developers did the pen test, in preparation for the implementation of the fully Dark Mode in iOS 13.

Night mode app in the “Books” as follows:

As seen in the screenshots, Apple uses a good combination of black and gray colors, making night mode completely black as many third-party developers.

Maybe Apple will do differently, how do we know? There is direct evidence that dark theme in iOS 13 will be executed exactly in this style.

Night mode in the “Books” includes not only the application itself, but also on the interface menu. If you click, for example, on the properties of any books, you can pay attention to the fact that the popup is fully adapted.

It is noteworthy that many users do not know how to enable this dark mode in the app in the “Books” in the iOS 12. To do this, and personally “touch” the coming night mode is very simple. Dark theme in the application “Books” automatically turns on when the around the iPhone or iPad a little light, for example, in a dark room. And it is not necessary to restart the application. It is possible that in iOS 13 night mode will turn on a similar “smart” way.


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