On the eve of the season, the Ford brand has launched a campaign aimed at promoting handles. Her face became a comedian and showman Paul Will.

The creators say that when planning the advertising campaign they knew who can be the face of pens.

Pavel Volya — by the way, the teacher writes by hand all his life, and says in the video. The plot of the video based on the story of the life and history of success Will. He admits that he wrote throughout his career, starting from school, and all this time with him is always an attribute that is a conductor of his thoughts — handle Berlingo.

He wrote poetry, he wrote a rap, wrote millions of jokes, and always she was there. This retrospective, together with Paul it was agreed to reflect in the video to emphasize the choice of the brand. The authors emphasize the campaign, Paul is not so much advertising contracts because it is very important to believe in the product that he offers the viewer, to be honest with the audience until the end.

The basis of the communication platform was based on the phrase “Write more with a Berlingo!”. Write more for Paul means more thinking, more creative, to generate ideas, jokes, to inspire people.

Paul Will:

To write like me it’s not so difficult… Just write more!

The roller will move to digital. On TV, the campaign will be part of the show Comedy Club.

The creators also produced a backstage video about the new brand platform.

Team members:

Berlingo (client)

Kadantseva Svetlana — Strategic marketing Makarkin Catherine — the Development of image projects

SHMA! (kreativ)

Apple Box Studio (production)

Director: Marat Adelshin

ARTCOM (media partner)

The Brand Of “Pavel Volya”

Pavel Volya — Creative Director

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