Today, nearly all modern smartphones are similar. There is nothing surprising in the fact that devices of different brands can be made according to the same principles as the iPhone. But from time to time are smartphones, which are distinguished from Apple devices is very difficult. We offer you to try it.

The photos below will show, the images iPhone X and Motorola P30. Images hidden logos of the manufacturers, and this makes the task almost impossible. Will you have to say, what smartphone is this upper part of the screen with a cutout?

And this?

What do you think about this part of the rear panel with the camera?

As you second picture?

On the first and last photos of the smartphone Motorola P30. On the second and third photos are already familiar to us iPhone X.

Motorola on the left, to the right of the iPhone. Don’t they look similar?

Now we offer you to look at the full image Motorola P30.

The only thing you have to understand what a smartphone in front of you is the logo on the back. Put the bag, and nobody will understand, that the eyes of not iPhone. Isn’t that right? Share your opinion in the chat.


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