Gifts that are 100% like!

In anticipation of the March 8, millions of men wonder what to give a girl, wife, mother, daughter or just a familiar woman. But why try your luck when the women told all the secrets? In this collection gathered a win-win gifts for March 8 version of the women themselves.

1. Original a bunch of flowers

Price: 5950 roubles.

The flowers are called Russian women the most pleasant gift on March 8. But the flowers are not normal, and original. Polls show that women clarify — the bouquet should be non-standard. Not everyone knows, but a truly original bouquets of flowers can be in our time can be ordered online as quick and neat delivery. For example, here’s a bouquet of “Spring dance” from daffodils, hyacinths, tulips, and other flowers tameran. Such bouquets in regular stores is not exactly find.

2. Smart watch Galaxy Watch

Price: 22 490 rubles.

Also women call a welcome gift watch. But the clock is not simple, and “smart”. Now in Russia you can buy two especially refined model smart hours that best suit girls and women. The first model is the Samsung Galaxy Watch in the color “rose gold”. Elegant smart watch with dozens of useful features.

3. Smart watch Apple Watch

Price: 29 699 rubles (discount 3000 rubles).

And a direct analog of a smart watch from Samsung is well known to all of the latest Apple Watch Series 4 with a delicate strap. The watch looks great on a female hand, but most importantly will help in all cases.

4. Handbag

Price: 1693 ruble (discount of 1500 rubles).

Another popular gift for women called handbags. The choice of handbags is huge, it is only necessary to consider the preferences of the recipient. The handbags now you can save much on running sale. For example, here’s a bag Amelie Galanti can be purchased almost double the discount.

5. Laptop bag

Price: 1790 roubles.

If the selection of handbags, personal accessory, you do not want to take, there is an alternative. Here’s a delicate and colorful bag for laptop and documents. Just a necessary accessory for many girls and women who do not leave the laptop.

6. Suspension

Price: 4490 roubles.

Jewelry — the most desired gift of Russian women according to all the polls. As in the case of handbags, the choice of jewelry is incredibly huge. To advise you of the amazing products from the company Pandora, which before the holiday are on sale.

7. Earrings

Price: 5990 rubles (1000 rubles).

And earrings with cubic Zirconia from the same brand. Look simply amazing.

8. Microwave oven LG

Price: 9990 roubles (3000 rubles).

Small kitchen appliances — another category of products that are marked women. You can buy different appliances for the kitchen, for example, tested LG microwave oven with an unusual design. Reliable model with exclusively positive feedback.

9. Blender Moulinex

Price: 2990 roubles ($2,000).

Other kitchen “gadgets” can be considered a blender. This model from Philips to replace several kitchen appliances with different modes and attachments.

10. Toaster Vitek

Price: 1990 roubles (900 rubles).

Toasters are very popular before women’s day — most of them are bought as a gift. Especially highlight this model from Philips with a nice design.

11. Juicer Hotpoint-Ariston

Price: 4990 rubles (discount 5000 RUB).

Also a great demand for juicers. It is understandable — many people want to acquire this device, but the ability to spend the money on it doesn’t always appear. Will recommend a highly reliable model from Hotpoint-Ariston, which are temporarily sold with a huge discount.

12. Multipacker Redmond

Price: 3490 rubles (1500 rubles).

Another kitchen appliance that celebrate women multipacker. The device is extremely useful. It replaces many other devices for baking and frying, takes up minimal space.

13. AirPods wireless headphones

Price: 14 499 rubles.

Hit of sales March 8 — AirPods wireless headphones. Fashionable and stylish headphones called women the most desired gadget. Not surprisingly, AirPods are great!

14. iPhone

Price: 59 990 rubles.

iPhone has always been proven a gift on March 8. Nothing has changed, and in 2019 — women still partial to Apple. Polls show that more of them are interested in a bright new iPhone model XR, which is available in a variety of fun colors. There is good news for men who will do this. iPhone XR for the last couple of months well dipped in price.

15. The MacBook Air 2018

Price: 96 990 rubles (discount 4000 rubles).

And finally, the most precious gift of those what women really want (besides cars, they also often called). A MacBook Air in gold color — the women just crave!


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