Threat vulnerability in file archiver WinRAR allowed hackers to automatically run the malware code each time you boot the system. It is stated in the report of the company Check Point.

The vulnerability was present in the program almost 20 years and threatened more than 500 million users. The issue is with the library UNACEV2.DLL used to work with files of the ACE. Successfully exploited, attackers can assign yourself a place where you unpacked the particular archive.

In the case that the victim open the fake file with a harmful program, criminals could ever be installed on the device threat.

In early 2019, the developers of WinRAR eliminated found the problem and updated the program. They recommended all users to upload a corrected version.

Earlier the teenager from Germany named Linus Henze (Henze Linus) found a zero day exploit in macOS, allowing attackers to steal the device all passwords. He decided not to report it to Apple as a Corporation is not a cash prize for such discoveries.

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