After evaluating demand for Apple’s new smartphones, many analysts have adjusted their forecasts for sales of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. However, according to experts JP Morgan Samika Chatterjee, next year the demand for the iPhone may grow even stronger.

Global iPhone sales should positively affect the emergence of Apple smartphones support 5G. Currently it is unclear whether all new devices to support networks of the fifth generation, or this option will appear only in the top models. However, even if 5G will be available exclusively in the flagship, Chatterjee has no doubt that these devices will be in high demand.

In the past, many analysts doubted the ability of Apple to quickly release a smartphone with support for 5G. Experts believed that such a device may leave no earlier than 2021, which can adversely affect the sales of Apple smartphones. However, now the projections have changed.


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