The staff of 9to5Mac has carefully studied the fifth beta of iOS 12 for developers and found very interesting features that will have not only one of the iPhone 2018, but iPad Pro.

After analyzing a section describing the user interface iPad Pro, the journalists came to the conclusion that the new Apple tablet will get a thin frame and will lose the Home button. Also in the code there are no mention of the ledge under the front camera.

Perhaps the thickness of the edges will allow Apple engineers to place the system Face ID not decorating the front panel of the gadget’s signature “hairstyle” iPhone X.

We are talking about iPad Pro 2018 presentation will be held in early September. On the same day will be presented and a new version of the iPhone.

Code analysis confirmed that the gadget will get the system recognize the user’s Face ID.

Most likely, unlike the iPhone X tablet will be able to find the owner, even in a horizontal position.

The flagship Apple 2017 identifies user only, if you hold the smartphone vertically, the cameras up. In position sideways or upside down Face ID does not work. This does not affect the usability of the iPhone X, but for the gadget with the dimensions of the iPad could be a problem. However, it seems that Apple engineers have found a way to change the system identification.

Analysis of beta-versions of future operating systems, not infrequently allows you to find information about unreleased devices. For example, last year in a similar way, the network got the information about the frameless iPhone and smart column HomePod.


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