Russian Twitter user with the nickname ISkin found another vulnerability in iOS. If the Spotlight search or any app with voice input five times in a row to say the word “hyphen” or its English version hyphen the iPhone for a few seconds will stop working. However, his screen will darken, there will appear a download icon and then the device will work again. However, any open application will close.

Other users immediately tried the method on their own gadgets. Some, however, admitted that they have not triggered the bug. But most everything turned out.

And someone was thrown out of the application after three or four repetitions of the word.

In his message, ISkin said the famous YouTube blogger and Explorer gadgets Size (Valentina Petukhova). That, in all probability tested a way to “kill” the iPhone and came up with a fun prank for the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

“You take your girl by the hand, put her at the table with the candles and say: “Get your iPhone”. Well she’s a girl, right? And say, “If I will force your phone to reboot without hands, just like now, that you let me give you a smooch…” where you do agree,” said the blogger.

At this Size I am sure that the news of yet another vulnerability in iOS will cause panic among Apple fans. This has already happened — for example, 14-year-old American student Grant Thompson called his friend Nathan via FaceTime, but the friend’s phone was busy. The teenager added room of another friend and found the conversation to hear Nathan. Guys several times checked and found out that adding one more subscriber to FaceTime before the first answer, it is possible to eavesdrop on users. Then lawyer Larry Williams II filed against Apple, saying that with the bug third person overheard the testimony of his client.

But the way to “kill” the phone with a character జ్ఞా that in the Indian language of Telugu, means “sign”, discovered almost a year ago. The device, which came with a symbol, or rebooted, or the application to which they were sent to was closed. And it was just iMessages, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail, Viber, Twitter, Outlook and Gmail. A Telegram and Skype continued to work. Later, the vulnerability is eliminated.

Another interesting method of execution of the smartphone in social networks discussed a week earlier. Someone figured out that if you send it to your phone with iOS 10 or 11 of the message via iMessage with a link, phone froze and will not respond to touch. However, after a while will reboot, and will work as if nothing had happened. Then found another version of the “temporary death”: an attempt to follow the link To enliven the gadget had to restart the device. Both bug fixed in the subsequent iOS updates.

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