Bank customers have nothing to worry about.

Over the last week, many Russian media began to spread information about the fact that “Sberbank” intends to take over all Bank transfers a Commission of 4% on 1 January 2019. Publications on this subject were so many that “Sberbank” has decided to intervene and officially clarify the situation. Representatives of the state Bank denied this false information and stated that, of course, no transfer fees will not be introduced.

False alarm

False publications about the introduction of “Sberbank” of the Commission of 4% on all Bank transfers appeared around the Russian Internet this week. The appearance of the “taxes translation” began to inform even those media, which added to the popular news aggregators. Because of this, many customers of “Sberbank” really started to worry about changes to the rules of Bank transfers from January 1.

Fortunately, all of these publications were false and were written by the yellow media for the sole purpose of attracting visitors. There is no “tax transfers” in the state Bank to enter the plan.

“In the media and social networks again, they write that from 1 January, the savings Bank will take over all of the transfer tax of 4%. It’s not true. We are a Bank, not a tax” — wrote the representative of the press service of “Sberbank”.

Thus, clients of “Sberbank” have nothing to fear — a sudden tax on transfers does not appear. We recommend all readers take a more serious approach to the selection of media outlets for daily reading. Many of the news sites are willing to publish outright slander just to get more hits. It is not excluded that Sberbank will start to take measures against such publications, as last week saw really a lot.

Source: Sberbank.


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