Apple is preparing to launch a paid news service subscription, created on the basis of the existing Apple News. Users will be able to obtain unrestricted access to the closed materials of different editions.

The service describes itself as “Netflix for news”, and estimated the subscription price at the moment is $10. Apple intends to get half of the proceeds and the remaining 50% will be divided among the publishers, depending on the amount of time that users spend on reading the article.

Several major organizations, including the New York Times and Washington Post, do not agree to these proposed terms. They are very concerned about the agreement on the distribution of income and possible loss of control over valuable data subscribers, like e-mail addresses, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Date of service launch is scheduled for March 25. As reported by trade publications, the event will focus on service business with Apple, so it is unlikely that the company will show “iron” novelties like the iPad mini, AirPods or AirPower.

Earlier told that the recently released iOS 12.1.4 brought some serious problems. Besides some bugs, the users also complained about the lack of access to cellular data and the ability to connect to Wi-Fi, as well as the fact that the device has ceased to recognize the SIM card.

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