In 2019, users again will be a triple surprise from Apple — “the Apple” plans to introduce three new iPhone models. Thus, despite the low sales of the iPhone XR, one of the new smartphones will again have an LCD screen.

The third, or triple chamber

According to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, in September 2019 Apple will again present three models of iPhones. At the same time, one of the smartphones will be a direct successor to the iPhone XR, released last year, which, according to experts leaves much to be desired.

It is reported that this model, like its predecessor, will receive LCD display. Two other iPhone will be produced with more expensive OLED screen. According to preliminary data, the Apple will completely abandon LCD in 2020 and switch entirely to modern displays.

A distinctive feature of the new generation iPhone will be a new camera. So, according to the newspaper, the premium iPhone will appear triple rear camera, while the other two models will remain dual as in the past year.

Triple the camera in your smartphone will allow you to shoot better quality photos, allowing the device to get more information about light and colors of the surrounding world. Furthermore, the third lens can be a conventional RGB lens, and sensor depth. Thus, Apple will be able to continue working on the integration of augmented reality (AR) in their devices.

Information about the likely triple chamber from the conventional “iPhone 11” already appeared in early January — then in several specialized editions appeared the alleged renders of the new smartphone from Apple.

The gadget is really possible to notice three cameras on the rear side of the device, arranged in the shape of a triangle. They are drowned in a kind of square convex platform. It is a flash and a small microphone.

It is worth noting that a new iPhone model sample of 2019 are still under engineering verification testing, after which will begin the design statement gadgets. This means that even Apple doesn’t know yet how it will look like the new iPhones, which will be presented to the public in September of this year.

Thus, the above renderings may be just prototypes that will never be implemented.

However, Steve McFly, renders published in January, is known for its accurate — he published pictures of the final design of the iPad Pro 2018 for a few months before the official presentation, and also reported the exact specifications of the iPhone X in anticipation of the release of the gadget two years ago.

Demand fell

Three models of iPhones released in 2018, — iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR — are sold not as well as expected Apple. In November 2018, it became known that the company has cut orders for the production of all three new models due to difficulties with forecasting demand. Because of this, suppliers of parts for Apple has lowered its forecasts of financial indicators that had a negative impact on their capitalization.

The reduction in production plans iPhone XR happened for the third time in two months since the announcement of the device. Smartphone with LCD screen, which was announced as the “budget” option for $749, never found the mass market.

While Apple CEO Tim cook in a recent interview, said that does not “see the problem” in the fall of iPhone sales. In addition, he reported that many of the media overreacting to “momentary difficulties” in his company, as they do not fully understand the philosophy of Apple.

As for the iPhone XR, cook called it “the most popular iPhone”, if you count the daily sales. However, the CEO noted that his team is not going to rest on our laurels and will continue to improve the results.

In early January it became known that Apple will again cut production — production of all models of the iPhone will decrease by 10% in the first quarter of 2019, reported Reuters citing the Nikkei Asian Review. According to the current forecast, the company will release 40 to 43 million smartphones in the period from January to March. Previously it was assumed that Apple will be able to produce 47 million gadgets. For comparison, over the same period of the previous year was released 52.2 million iPhones.

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