The new head of Apple is Tim cook in the foreseeable future can become the head of operations Jeff Williams. Now on his shoulders lay the responsibilities left the Corporation lead designer jony Ive.

Such predictions of personnel changes were made by the experts The Wall Street Journal (WSJ). They believe that Williams will not apply for the position of the Quince, but only the submenu it for a while. As his areas of strength for the company journalists called his passion for product design, which is higher than the current Director of Apple.

Williams known that in collaboration with a team of designers led the development of Apple Watch. Also thanks to him, the positioning of smart watches changed from “youth and stylish accessory” to “useful device for sports and tracking for health”. It is in this niche device eventually found its audience.

However, the enthusiasm and involvement of Jeff Williams can give him a leadership position, and take it away, say the authors of the forecast. As the publication said one of the anonymous sources, the “runs to where the puck is now, not where it will be in the future.”

Analytics WSJ, obviously, read in the Apple. Earlier, as he wrote Tim cook was extremely dissatisfied with the material of the book is devoted to the care of jony Ive. According to him, voiced the findings of the reporters are not true. It is, I’m sure the CEO of the Corporation, shows a lack of understanding of how the company operates.

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