Corporation, Lenovo, which owns the manufacturer of Motorola mobile phones, can resume production of the phone-“clamshell” Razr series in February. About this newspaper The Wall Street Journal, citing sources.

According to them, Lenovo is planning to produce about 200 thousand new phones. The starting price of the gadget — about $1.5 million According to one source, the model is still in testing, and the final decision on its mass production is still pending.

Touchtone phone-“clamshell” Razr V3 was introduced in 2004 and became one of the most popular mobile devices in history thanks to the ease of use and attractive design. Everything in the world has purchased more than 130 million Razr V3.

However, after 2007 the company Apple, and then another smartphone maker — BlackBerry introduced phones with touch screens, sales push of mobile devices began to plummet, and the production model Razr stopped. In 2011, Motorola has tried to revive the production of the gadget with Android software and a touch screen, called Droid Razr, but it failed to repeat the success of the Razr V3.

The proportion of the most Motorola mobile devices decreased. In 2011, we formed a separate division of Motorola Mobility, which became responsible for the production of devices. It soon acquired by Google for $12.5 billion In 2014, a company bought by Lenovo for $3.

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