Xiaomi AirPods must be submitted on the 10th of January.

Xiaomi is preparing to launch a brand new wireless headset high-quality photos of which were today published on the web. The Chinese company decided not to invent the wheel and made the headphones, almost identical to the Apple AirPods. Moreover, according to today’s leak, Xiaomi plans to call Xiaomi earphone AirPods.

Leaked photos show final design of Xiaomi AirPods. The source managed to obtain the final image of headphones that will be used to promote new products. On the authenticity of the images indicates their high quality.

The photographs are presented headphones that are more than very similar to the AirPods from Apple. Xiaomi AirPods have a similar shape, size and design. The only thing that is a significant difference between the headset is the design. If Apple AirPods are false, the AirPods from Xiaomi — in-ear.

Also the image depicts a charging case for Xiaomi AirPods, which will be supplied with the headphones. Specs are currently unknown. However, the long wait headphones apparently don’t have. The fact that the final image for advertising Xiaomi AirPods was posted online, shows intent Xiaomi to introduce your headphones to the next presentation, which will be held January 10.

Source: MSP.


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