Xiaomi AirDots Pro is now available for purchase.

Full analogue wireless headphone Apple AirPods from the Chinese company Xiaomi went on sale on the site AliExpress. Fully wireless headphone Xiaomi AirDots Pro went on sale immediately in a few Resellers of Xiaomi technology, including large.

Creating AirDots Pro Xiaomi decided not to invent the wheel. Xiaomi has created headphones that are almost identical in appearance and capabilities with a real hit of recent years Apple AirPods.

Xiaomi AirDots Pro got AirPods similar to the shape of the hull, almost identical dimensions, compact case for quick charging of headphones, touch controls and a feature that stops the music playback when the user removes one earphone. Also, Xiaomi has devoted much attention to the sound of the headphone, making it as efficient as possible.

The price of Xiaomi AirDots Pro compares favorably with AirPods. Headphones were not really available, but their cost is twice less than the AirPods. The first batch of headphones AirDots Pro went on sale on AliExpress for the price of 6845 rubles.

This price Xiaomi AirDots Pro is quite justified and experts believe that the headphones will be a success. Note that AirDots Pro started to sell on AliExpress just today, so at the moment they are available only few Resellers of Xiaomi.


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