After the presentation of the latest trio out of the lineup iPhone, journalists and experts in many countries have unanimously accused the company Apple, if not the greed, the unjustified overpricing. Ordinary buyers can not understand what they are asked to pay even more than last year. Situation is used by the Xiaomi company, which immediately launched a campaign to trolling Apple for profit.
Three new, fabulously expensive iPhone in Xiaomi responded to the urgent preparation of three universal techno sets. Each flagship smartphone from this brand, smart watches, audio headset, and a laptop. But the sets as a whole are just as much Apple smartphones separately, as their names clearly indicate who is to be ridiculed.

Thus, the set XR as a competitor to the iPhone XR, 945 dollars. It includes smartphone Xiaomi Mi 8 SE 128 GB Mi Band smart watch 3, mini-Mi Mini headset and 12.5 inch laptop Notebook Mi Air with 256 GB of memory. The set XS has a similar completion, but here and more expensive headset, Bluetooth Headset Mini Mi, and Mi 2S smartphone MIX — the best of the latest models of the Xiaomi, with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB of main memory. While the iPhone XS is only 64GB at the same price of $ 1265.

The third set is a parody of the iPhone XS Max and contains smartphone Mi 8 with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB of memory, the watch Band Mi 3, Mi Collar headset Bluetooth Headset and a laptop, Mi Notebook ProIt. Price — $ 1398. And for those features of the gadgets are more interested in trolling Apple, Xiaomi company offers to collect your similar set. And are ready to ensure that it will cost no more than a single smartphone from the Apple company.

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