Unusual and interesting device from Xiaomi.

The Chinese company Xiaomi has released an unusual device. Novelty called ZMI Z1 Travel Assistant includes a number of gadgets that are useful for tourists. The device is both a phone, GPS tracker, external battery and voice translator.

In appearance gadget ZMI Z1 Travel Assistant is similar to an ordinary push-button telephone. But the classic design is the set of mass functions. First and foremost, Travel Assistant ZMI Z1 truly is the phone that support 4G and two SIM-card slots. The phone has a different base applications that allow you to make calls, write text messages and access the Internet. Text input on the device is performed using the physical keyboard.

ZMI Z1 Travel Assistant is equipped with voice translator with support for 17 languages. Users simply dictate the phrase and it will be immediately translated into the desired language. More traditional text translator device is also provided.

Battery capacity ZMI Z1 Travel Assistant is an impressive 5000 mAh battery. Because the gadget consumes low amount of energy, it can be used as an external battery for charging other devices. In addition, Travel Assistant ZMI Z1 can be used as a modem. With gadget will distribute Internet via wifi for 10 devices or via USB to a computer or laptop.

Called the Xiaomi ZMI Z1 Travel Assistant is the perfect companion for people who travel frequently. The novelty has already went on sale in China at a price of 4 800 rubles. It is expected that soon the gadget will be available on AliExpress.


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