Company Xiaomi has announced a new accessory — mouse pad with a wireless charging smartphone Qi specification. The novelty is not the game that makes it suitable for all users, and it is more than reasonable money — Apple for this accessory would have asked for 20 times more.

New Xiaomi pad, which has no names, only valued at $ 15. and has an aluminum frame with a top layer of PU leather. The size of the Mat is made up 300х210х5 mm, so for games it is also quite amiss. Qi charging allows you to charge both smartphones, even IPhones and modern wireless mouse, and even tablet computers, if you have to, which is quite convenient.

The main thing — not to look like cell phone from the table with a flick of the mouse, and that anything can happen. To the power source pad is connected via the connector microUSB 2.0 instead of modern USB-C but here this can be attributed to the low cost of the device. Power built-in charging as much as 10 watts, which is twice more than the outputs wired charging kit with the latest smartphones of Apple. The sale of Mat will start in the coming days, and the cost relevant to the China market.

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