Will be released in March.

The Chinese company Xiaomi is preparing to launch a new portable battery. According to sources from the supply chain Xiaomi, the capacity of a new battery is 10000 mAh, and the maximum power is 45 watts.

New portable battery Xiaomi will become more affordable counterpart to the previously released powerbank Xiaomi PowerBank 3: High Version. The battery is equipped with two USB ports with support for two-way 45-watt charging. Using a battery will charge and wearable devices, including fitness bracelets and smart watches.

The battery will have a record speed of charging. According to insiders, the battery will be charged from 0 to 10% in just 4.5 hours. To achieve such a measure will be possible only when using the charging adapter 45-watt.

Yield trends will happen before the end of March. It is expected that already in April, the battery can be purchased on AliExpress.

Source: Weibo.


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