Xiaomi Mi Band 3 sold at a minimum this year price.

The most popular fitness bracelet 2018 Xiaomi Mi Band 3 much cheaper launched the sale of “Black Friday”. The price of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 fell to the lowest for the entire year, causing the gadget instantly became the best-selling goods sales.

For the first watch sales Black Friday Band Xiaomi Mi 3 was sold out more than 93 thousand. This buying frenzy was not surprised, as the price of a fitness bracelet is strongly reduced.

Official retailer Xiaomi on AliExpress began selling the Chinese version of the Xiaomi Mi Band is a 3 in 1 400 roubles and the global model of the gadget for 1 555 rubles. The Chinese model, which does not have Russian language support by default, is already completely sold out.

The global version of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 remains in the sale at a cost of 1 555 rubles. On this version of the fitness bracelet Russian language is available without having to install third-party firmware.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3, is rightly considered the best budget fitness bracelet in the world. The gadget allows you to receive notifications from your smartphone and even answer them, is able to track various types of activity and sleep quality and measure heart rate and has other useful features. A detailed review of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is available at this link.


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