Xiaomi Black Shark 2 is in development.

Xiaomi is developing a new mobile game Black Shark 2, it “accidentally” told the representatives of the company in an open correspondence on social network Weibo. According to released information, game smartphone Black Shark 2 will receive unique opportunities for personalization, which was not there before in any mobile device.

The first details about Xiaomi Black Shark 2 became known from open correspondence of the General Director of Xiaomi lei Jun. He wrote in the social network to one of the salespeople about what has been personally tested Black Shark 2. Jun said that the smartphone has surprised him, especially with his “personalization”.

The head of Xiaomi said that nothing like before, he could not see. However, what was going on at the moment is unknown. It is possible that the heads of Xiaomi specifically increase the degree of interest in the new mobile game Black Shark 2 in anticipation of the announcement.

Source: Mydrivers.


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