Even that Xiaomi have turned out great.

The Chinese company Xiaomi, known for its cheap smartphones, fitness bracelets and other gadgets, has presented a very unexpected development — a prototype house for life on Mars. The module project called the Mars Case was developed by Xiaomi with Chinese design Studio Open Architecture. Like all Xiaomi products, the prototype Martian home is minimalist.

Mars Case — a compact building with dimensions of 2.4×2.4 GHz×2 m. Despite its size, the capsule provides enough room to comfortably accommodate two people. The house can be folded for easy transport on Mars.

Though Mars Case and this is just a concept, Xiaomi has carefully developed the life-support system. The capsule has a closed ecosystem, which circulate energy, water and air. All waste is recycled and returned to the chain.

Xiaomi has not forgotten that she, primarily manufactures smartphones and other gadgets. So Mars Case can be synchronized with any products of the Chinese company, including for remote management. No plans on further development of the Xiaomi is not yet reported.

Source: OpenArch.


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