Despite the role of the “younger” brother iPhone XS and XS Max that marketers Apple has prepared a 6.1-inch iPhone XR, it looks like the most promising device of the entire line of iPhone 2018 model year, is able to outdo even the more expensive models. There are several objective reasons that refute that would be difficult. Why iPhone XR is much more interesting to buy — material

To start start with flaws that only appear so, and in fact be rather the virtues of the device.

Single camera

Yes, iPhone XR is equipped with a single camera module, which in the eyes of some consumers immediately throws it back. But, excuse me, Apple managed to sell in the smartphone even with the same camera exactly the same functions that are available iPhone XS and XS Max two. Want portrait mode? He’s here. You will desire to make pictures more saturated with Smart HDR? No question. Even the “Portrait lighting” and manually adjust the side — and those on the spot. So is the lack of additional camera module, which, as proved by Apple, and it can be neglected, will affect your choice?

LCD display

The second feature iPhone XR, which many consider a disadvantage is the display. Indeed, in order to save the Apple smartphone is equipped with LCD, not the organic matrix, but hardly will suffer its color. Apple is also famous for the fact that provides all my devices with displays a stunning level of color, contrast and brightness, it has repeatedly acknowledged experts DisplayMate. In addition, the LCD screen will appeal to users with intolerance AMOLED technologies who see the flicker and suffer from headaches.

Will continue to be only dignity.


Even if you don’t like bright phones, it does not mean that they do not like anyone. I think even those who prefer the conservative colors of the buildings, will agree that it is better to choose from six colors, than three or even two, as it was last year. By the way, iPhone XR on the first day of sales will be available in an exclusive color Product(RED), which denied iPhone X, XS and XS Max.

iOS 12.1

Since the iPhone XR will be available only on October 26, there is almost no doubt that the smartphone out of the box will be running the release build of iOS 12.1, which includes not only the capability to manually adjust bokeh, but also a wide range of bug-fixes. Therefore, even if the iPhone and XR could suffer from poor Network coverage, problems with charging and dynamics of the deaf, to the moment when the device falls into the hands of their owners, such failures will not be accurate.


The main advantage of the iPhone XR is, of course, its price. The smartphone is estimated by the manufacturer at $ 250, or 23 thousand rubles in terms of the domestic currency is cheaper than the iPhone XS. For this money you get a great smartphone with the best hardware, which is not only not worse than the top models of the line, and in many respects even better. As for saved money you can buy iPhone SE, while it is not disappeared from the market or restored the iPhone 6s.

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