The new flagships have passed another test.

XS Max iPhone compared with iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy and Google Note9 Pixel 2 in the test for speed LTE modem. The device showed good results in controlled laboratory tests and real conditions, but the fastest was one of the competitors.

With a good signal iPhone XS Max modem Intel XMM7560 antennas and 4×4 MIMO shows results slightly worse than the Galaxy Note9 and Pixel 2 with Qualcomm chips X20. When the quality of the network connection falls, the flagship Apple catches up with the competitors and shows the download speed on the level with them. Last year’s iPhone X is significantly slower compared to other smartphones under any circumstances because of the legacy LTE.

The difference in speed between the tested smartphones

Researchers Cellular Insights, conducted the testing, note that the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max show similar results in the laboratory. With daily use of the device the users will not see the difference between the high and low smartphone.

The difference in speed between the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max

To evaluate the performance of LTE under real conditions, the researchers used a database Ookla Speedtest Intelligence. Comparing the results of the tests on the speed of the mobile Internet, they noticed that the iPhone XS is on average 6.6 Mbps faster than the iPhone X in the US and 20 Mbps in Canada. The results for the other countries the researchers have not published.

The difference in speed LTE model

The highest download speed in LTE shown Samsung Galaxy Note9. Probably hardware Qualcomm is still a bit more powerful than the Intel chips.

Source: PCMag


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