A resident of the Columbus (Ohio) Josh Hilliard told the publication IDropNews, December 12, his brand new iPhone XS Max suddenly caught fire in back pocket.

Hilliard bought a new gadget for a month before the incident. He complained that at first felt a strange smell and then burning hot. Fetched out his phone emitted a green and yellow smoke. In the room with him was a woman, so he ran outside to remove the pants. His cries, came running colleagues and one of them poured Hilliard foam from a fire extinguisher. The man also inhaled the acrid smoke from the phone. The whole incident was filmed by surveillance camera office.

John Hilliard asked in the official Apple Store whose employees were acting strangely. They tried to take the phone from him, saying that otherwise the replacement will not produce. Workers also advised him not to count on the damages for burnt clothes.

Hilliard took the phone and consulted a lawyer. Most likely, he will sue the manufacturer to seek compensation for the cost of spoiled trousers and payment of cellular communication, which he enjoyed until his unit did not work.

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