The owner of the new smartphone Apple said that in the first place, he felt a strange smell, then felt a burning sensation.

The owner of the iPhone XS Max, a resident of the U.S. state of Ohio Josh Hilliard told the publication IDropNews as he lit up in his pants pocket gadget from Apple.

According to him, the phone lit up during your lunch break at work. Hilliard felt an unusual smell, and the tingling in his pocket where his smartphone. The man took it and found that the iPhone goes from green-yellow smoke.

“I had to leave the room, which was the woman to remove his pants” — he admitted.

Creek Hilliard for help were heard by the Vice President of his company, who used a fire extinguisher. The man escaped with burns to the buttocks and the hole in the pants.

In the service center Apple man said that the need to take burned the phone so it was replaced. At the same time he advised not to expect compensation because of the damaged pants.

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