Smart column “Yandex.Station” will be available July 10 at 10:00 am, said “Yandex”. Initially the device will only be available through brand offline store in Moscow, but in the foreseeable future, the smart speaker will begin to implement throughout Russia.

Yandex.Station — price

As promised, the retail price of “Yandex.Station” in Russia will make 9990 rubles. For the money the consumers, in addition to the device itself, will receive an annual subscription to “Yandex.Music” as well as three – and two-month subscription to “Mediateca” and accordingly, the promise to “Yandex”.

“Yandex.Station” is the first hardware product of the domestic search engine. The device runs on proprietary operating system and therefore can be used not only for music but for playing movies, TV shows and videos — if you connect to the TV.


The main feature of “Yandex.The station” is a voice assistant “Alice”. “Alice” was originally designed as a virtual assistant for work in the Russian speaking environment, and therefore can boast the maximum among the competitors and level of understanding of the speech of Russian-speaking users.


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