The function of filling works the application “Yandex. Navigator” December 2018 and allows you to pay for fuel without going to the checkout. The user arrives at the gas station, which signed a partnership agreement with Yandex, selects the column number, fuel type and pay through the app linked to a credit card (Master Card, Visa) or using Apple Pay.

To December “Yandex” has developed a separate project — “Yandex. Charging” for June — September of last year the service used an average of 6 thousand people per month, they spent over 4 months 77 million rubles.

Through the “Filling” in the “Navigator” users made in average of 250 million rubles a month.

The number connected to “Yandex. The Navigator” stations increased from 1100 on start up to 1680 as of April 22.

Photos: Unsplash.

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