From “Yandex” has long been waiting for!

“Yandex” plans to release its first smartphone, which will be called “Yandex.Phone.” Today, the company received permission to manufacture and launch the device in Russia. This became known from the Unified register of notifications of cryptographic tools, which was recorded “Yandex.Phone.”

Equipment manufacturers are required to register their new devices in the Unified register of notifications of the Eurasian economic Union. Otherwise, they will not be issued to permit the sale of encryption devices, which include smartphones in Russia and other countries of the EEC. For example, Apple regularly registers all its new device in the registry, thereby directly confirming plans to launch them.

Today its plans to launch its own smartphone in the same way confirmed “Yandex”. The company has applied for “Yandex.Phone” with the model number YNDX-000SB. Other details about the smartphone in the order stated. In this regard, the characteristics and price of the smartphone is currently unknown.

Exit “Yandex.Phone” can take place in the coming months. Usually companies, for example, the same Apple apply to the registry notifications of ECE immediately prior to starting the device. However, there are exceptions, therefore, confirmed the launch date and the release of “Yandex.Phone” no.

Fans of the company “Yandex” has positively welcomed the news of the development of its smartphone. Many of them wished only to “Yandex.The phone” was not the budget “pass-through” smartphone, and a worthy purchase apparatus.

This year “Yandex” has presented its first devices — smart column “Yandex.The station”. Sale “Yandex.The station” was launched on 10 July, the entire first batch was sold out for the day. July 11, “Yandex” has opened pre-orders for “Yandex.Station” on the Internet.

Source: ECE.


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