In-app service for the iPhone introduces a new feature.

In the application “Yandex.Taxi” for iPhone appeared nice innovation. The application to inform users if the price will drop in the next 15 minutes. Thanks to this innovation iPhone users will be able to call a taxi at the best price in periods when the demand for cars is high.

New function “Yandex.Taxi” keeps track of the current user demand for machines and analyzes the fall. In that case, if the demand for taxis will fall in the next 15 minutes, the user will be able to enable tracking for the price. Once a charge order is reduced due to lower demand, the user will receive a notification. The app will warn in that case, if prices do not fall, said the representatives of “Yandex.Taxi”.

The innovation will allow users of the service “Yandex.Taxi” to travel at the best prices. A particularly useful new feature will be in the end of December 2018 and January 2019, when demand for taxis is traditionally high.

Original new function “Yandex.Taxi” runs on the iPhone. The iOS apps will gradually get access to it. The appearance function on the Android smartphones it will happen “soon”.


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