Smartphones have long been firmly entrenched in the hands of modern humans, but other devices, like tablets, televisions and computers, has faded into the background. However, whether the laptop is in 2018?

Definitely Yes, but not you. I mean, not the average user (unless of course you are), communication gadgets which starts and ends on social networks. You don’t need a laptop to view YouTube, tape Facebook or Instagram. Moreover, the smartphone is enough for games: now a major move projects on iOS and Android. And after a few years they will all be available on mobile devices by default.

In 2018 the laptop or computer is truly necessary professionals and people who earn with it money. For example, cyber, help, photographers, writers, DJs and others. Why would a businessman or office worker dear Mac, if you manage people or communicate with colleagues using a simple smartphone or a cheap tablet?

The same is trying to convey to people Tim cook, CEO of Apple. Of course, maybe that’s how he advertises the iPad, but nevertheless. He says he uses his Mac very rare – he is simply not needed. For all tasks Tim prefers the tablet: it is lighter, more mobile, largely the and the screen of the iPad Pro even more display MacBook Pro or MacBook Air.

Therefore, if you plan to spend accumulated a thousand dollars on a laptop – better not. Buy the money iPad 2018 for 25 thousand rubles, and enjoy books, YouTube, social networks, games, and all the rest, and the remaining fly in trip!


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