And it’s amazing.

Advertising videos of Apple are perceived differently in different age groups. The older generation react to it with distrust, while youth rather “idealizes” the company and all that goes with it. This is evidenced by research company UserTesting.

According to experts of the company “generation Z” (18-25 years) and “Baby boomers” (55 years or more) different opinions of the is the Apple. Younger respondents with interest has viewed the advertisement, say something interesting device capabilities like the Face ID feature in the iPhone X. the hallmark of this age group is extremely high loyalty to the company. This category focuses on the Apple, trying to gain her attention by all means available.

The older generation believes Apple is too Intrusive, and, in some ways, even “stupid”. Special concerns among “Baby boomers” are technologies that threaten privacy. For example, one of the interviewed respondents stated that “the thought of having to pay look scary.” In this situation we are talking about the possibility of contactless purchases with Face ID.

It should be noted that the specialists of the company UserTesting has evaluated the consumer response to recent ads by Apple. They wanted to know how loyal people of different age groups to the company from Cupertino.

Source: 9to5mac


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