A group of activists None of Your Business, advocating for the protection of personal data, accuses YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Spotify and Soundcloud in violation of adopted in may’s General regulation on data protection (GDPR).

Submitted by None of Your Business claims says that in addition to the above services, the Austrian platform Flimmit and the British company DAZN violating clause 15 of the General rules on data protection.

As the publication of Fortune, according to Paragraph 15 users have the right to request information about the use of their personal data by different online services. If the user is interested in how its data is processed and used, the company must provide detailed data on this subject.

Representatives of the organization None of Your Business interviewed 10 users who have sent various platforms requests for information about the use of data.

It turned out that none of the companies did not provide the requested information, as required by Paragraph 15 GDPR.

If the trial is proven guilty the designated online platforms, they would face fines of up to € 20 million.

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