The new 15-inch MacBook Pro received a 6-Core processor Intel Core i9 with a frequency of 2.9 GHz and shows impressive performance. But one youtuber disagree – reports MacRumors.

Dave Lee in his video yesterday claims that the updated notebook significantly loses performance when overheated. Blogger tested the machine in various programs that require large capacity.

Dave felt that the MacBook Pro with Core i9 is heated so that it begins almost to yield performance models in 2017 with a Core i7. Rendering video in Premiere Pro on the ground took 39 minutes and the second 35 minutes.

But you put Mac in the freezer, as the indicators has changed dramatically. At a low temperature of chip i9 was able to provide excellent performance, reducing render time to 27 minutes, beating the MacBook Pro 2017.

As noted by Lee, overheating of devices, both mobile and desktop, common. But not if it reduces the power of the machine.

It is not clear whether something is wrong with the updated MacBook Pro or youtuber is lying or just got a defective model. After all, the previous reviews of the new Mac is very flattering. In any case, will have to wait a few days, while experts will conduct the appropriate tests.


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