Somehow happened that the leaders of the smartphone market are the Koreans and Americans. That is, Samsung and Apple. However, the Chinese are no longer just breathing them in the back — in some aspects the apparatus is a native of China literally “make” rivals as children. And it’s not only about the characteristics of smartphones, but the sales numbers if Apple and Samsung they are reduced, then the Chinese — in particular, Huawei is growing, which confirms the recent report of the analytical company IDC. The manufacturer has not only increased its own share, but Apple moved from the second spot of the world ranking, taking the place of right behind the Samsung.

What caused such a demand for smartphones Huawei? This is the fourth year the company produces a very strong flagships that captivate users, above all, the possibilities of mobile photography. Last year’s P20 Pro just “broke the market” — accolades, it was incredibly much. In addition, the Chinese have learned to make very nice machines. Suppose someone says that they are just “encircle the new iPhone” and then just change the design, color and materials. But the fact remains that smartphones look very well. And let the new flagship is very similar to the previous one — no problem. Remember the Apple — to her it does not prevent.

“Oh, what a beautiful”

The appearance of P30 Pro — is a cross between a Galaxy S10+ with its “bent” glass and iPhone XS with smooth angles and obscenely protruding vertically positioned camera. While P30 Pro is very similar to his ancestor — P20 Pro. There is obvious continuity, Huawei decided to split hairs with the design.

However, as much as anything to show your snobbery and tell you who and who copied. Normal people — ie, not comparing all smartphones with all — Pro P30 greeted very warmly. “Oh, how beautiful,” exclaimed a colleague when I brought novelty to the editor. And she’s right. Particularly successful Huawei glossy iridescent body. Me time, got camera color Aurora — with transitions from dark blue to light blue, sometimes turquoise shades. Yes, we’ve seen it before. But the smartphone will enchant you with their glare.

Photo: Marina Efendieva

The screen reduced the original “bangs” (to like Apple, but not quite) too beautiful, bright and harmonious. No problem interacting with them is not detected. The lack of a framework and the buttons on the bottom of the screen affects the appearance of the device positively. The screen was really large: in comparison with P20 Pro, he rose from 6.1 to 6.47 inches.

Photo: Marina Efendieva

The only thing that spoils for my taste, the appearance of smartphone is a big… No, huge triple camera module. Seriously, remember how many outraged cries were about the iPhone camera in the sixth, when it became clear that she was slightly exposed. Now this is absolutely no one pays attention: smart phone can’t lie flat and always skewed to the side? No perfectionist (except me) does it bother.

Photo: Marina Efendieva

By the way, since we are talking about the camera, I want to point out that it is noticeably heavier upper part of the smartphone. Because of this imbalance all the time it seems that the device is about to slip from his hands. To hold with one hand the phone weighs approximately 192 grams and so is not easy, at least the girl with quite a normal wrist. I caught myself on the fact that all the while support the top of the phone second hand. Weird.

Quick facts

But enough beating around the Bush — it’s time to tell about the most interesting in Huawei P30 Pro. And this, of course, a camera designed in conjunction with Leica about it proudly tells the label on the housing.

Photo: Marina Efendieva

It is unlikely that this Android device read Apple fans, so let’s just say: the camera P30 Pro supports almost all the same as the last iPhone, but better. The menu is literally Packed with all sorts of chips: animation, filters, uluchshiteli, special modes under all possible conditions. The external “bagatelle” is the only addition to really powerful internals.

In P30 Pro uses three (actually 4) camera module: the main 40-megapixel sensor, a 20-megapixel wide-angle of 120 degree and telephoto lens with a resolution of 8 megapixels. Plus TOF-camera, which is responsible for the analysis of depth of field and blur objects in the background.

Not gonna lie, if I say that the P30 shoots very Pro cool. It is difficult to describe all the chips and the ability of the camera apparatus in a limited volume of the material. But most importantly, what you need to know and try in the first place — is superzoom. The device is able to remove optical fivefold and tenfold (!) hybrid zoom. Even at maximum zoom, pictures are really “watchable” — it is possible to read the inscription on the distant object or to consider the plumage of a bird sitting on a tree. Seriously — no other smartphone can do, though there are options with a very decent zoom.

What else? Oh Yes, there is still 50-fold (!) digital zoom. It is already possible to consider and capture objects at a distance of 500 metres. An interesting opportunity for the camera in a mobile phone? Is not the word! All working without a tripod — handheld. For image stabilization answer artificial intelligence and predictive focusing.

P30 Pro is a very good cope with portrait photography, macro, night shooting. For this there are special modes. But honestly, it’s easier not to bother. You can just shoot in the basic camera mode, and the processing of let them think the built-in AI. He is trained to recognize objects and to choose the appropriate type of survey. In which case, you can use post-processing photo. Only, perhaps, the right switch is in “night” mode out of the ordinary. You will be able to make a watchable picture, but in a special mode he is more likely to be clearer. Many opportunities to “improve” is for selfie — you can add any effects in the process of shooting and after the fact. To even out skin tone, whiten teeth, make the face more narrow? Please. And it does not need any third-party applications.

There is even a special mode for shooting under water — this will need to buy a special case, because to swim with P30 Pro without protection is still not worth it. Try it failed, although it would be interesting.

That to the video here skills Pro P30 is not very impressive. Yes, the phone can capture 4K video with a resolution of up to 3840 × 2160 and at up to 30 frames per second. Not much distorts the color. But with the stabilization it’s not very — apparently, all the strength and reason left in the photo. However, Amateur videos are quite tolerable, and if you want a better tripod. By the way, using special modes you can shoot slow motion video or accelerated (like in iPhone).


P30 Pro will be enough to cover all more or less common needs. Yes, there is soup and more powerful, but if you don’t go into the details, games, watching videos, Internet surfing does not interfere. The unit itself does not brake and does not freeze, tabs are scrolled and displayed quickly. However, all this should be so — it is the flagship of the flagship.

Focus on processor — in Huawei P30 Pro uses the proprietary 8 — core processor technology to 7 nanometers, 980 Huawei Kirin with double neuromodules. This is the same processor used in Huawei Mate and Honor 20 Pro View 20. If he’s in something inferior to competitors — Snapdragon and Exynos 855 9820, the operation of the apparatus is not affected.

Always a joy when the battery in a smartphone lasts a long time. In P30 Pro battery capacity increased to 4200 mAh smartphone easily withstands active daily, or even a half. This — including the endless messages, messengers, some video, lots of social networks and the web. Another good news — support fast-charging technology Huawei SuperCharge (40 watts). Now the smartphone is being charged through the wire by 70% in just 30 minutes. There is the possibility of wireless charging — Huawei Wireless QuickCharge (15 watts). However, if you want to use it — you have to buy the charger separately (or receive it as a gift with purchase in the official store). By the way, the chip P30 Pro: it is possible to charge another device —for example, the iPhone XS or Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, and thus save a comrade.

The smartphone comes with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of memory for data storage.

In Huawei P30 Pro two slots for nano-SIM cards, one of which can be used for memory cards nano memory card. It should be noted that such nano card is not very common, and therefore expensive. Thus, Huawei in its branded store offers nano card 128 GB for 6 thousand rubles. Normal SD with the same amount of memory would cost 2-2,5 thousand rubles.

Let’s not forget communication: there is support for LTE Cat 21 with a speed greater than 1 Gbps, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, infrared port. Port for cable USB Type-C. In General, all as expected in 2019.


Pro P30 is controlled by the Android OS 9.0 Pie and supplemented with proprietary shell EMUI 9.1. Something special here is hard to find — all the usual. When you first start the machine prompts you to select the control method — you can use the traditional tap “forward-backward” or gestures. The latter allows you to open and swipe tabs using swipe right-left or up-down. Overall, fairly comfortable — you get used to that.

But those who like to start to use the smartphone, just by looking at him, P30 Pro may disappoint. Unlock face here works not every time. Often the smart phone asks to tap the screen to repeat the recognition of the owner. At first it is very angry, then begin to treat it as a nice apparatus (not). But the sensor of the fingerprint recognition works very well and smoothly, so to save nerve cells, you can immediately select it. Or protect your smartphone the old-fashioned password digits.

Overall, Huawei has turned out a very solid flagship that no one should be ashamed in 2019. Size, weight and giant camera is not for everybody. But the same camera — the main advantage of the device. And not the only smartphone with this beautiful and powerful. Is it worth all this stated 70 thousand rubles? Let everyone decide for himself.

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